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The Kirland Hotel -- History
The Dutch Rathskeller

1899  The Kirkland Hotel Building is built on the site of the former lumberyard owned by Cornelius Burhans and Titus Felton. The structure was operated as a boarding house by Mrs. Margaret S. Conklin as proprietor until 1917.
1922 Owners Samuel & Alice Saulpaugh name the 75-room establishment the Kirkland Hotel and install a restaurant to the premises.
1952 New owners, Max & Ruth Brugmann open the Dutch Rathskeller restaurant in the basement. Hotel accommodations end in 1968. (Brugmann’s own building from 1950-1972)
1972 Extensive renovations remove the full width one-story porch and domed cupola on the tower over the front entrance.
1973 Larchmont Diner Inc. purchases building.
1976 John L. Fahey Restaurant Properties, Inc. purchase building in 1976. Later in 1976 the Cleaver Steakhouse closes its doors, as the last restaurant to occupy the former Rathskeller space.
1985 - 1988 Kingston’s Historic Landmarks and Preservation Commission makes moves to establish the Kirkland as a designated landmark structure. The designation never makes it through approval during this time.
1986 Arthur Green purchase building to add to portfolio of Kingston Brickyard and Forst Meat Packing Plant.
1988 Olga Berde Mahl purchase building with plans to renovate it into offices and a restaurant. Kirkland Hotel is painted cream and green during this time, but no further work is completed.
1996 Ownership reverts to City of Kingston. The vacant structure has been the subject of a continuous debate between City and County officials. The hotel bounces from being demolished for a parking garage to being saved by a series of unsuccessful proposals by various developers.
2002 The late Mayor T.R. Gallo pledges his support to assist RUPCO in its proposed renovation of the buillding. This pledge is presently upheld by Mayor James Sottile.
2002 The building receives State Historic Designation as a landmark structure.

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