Rural Ulster Preservation Company

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Since the first residents at Woodstock Commons moved in on January 15, the complex has exceeded expectations.

This intergenerational, clustered development of 53 housing units has affordable housing for seniors, working families and artists. We are proud of the fact that Woodstock Commons was one of the first nine projects in New York State registered in the LEED Neighborhood Development Pilot Program and eligible for gold level certification in the US Green Building Council program. Its construction on an in-fill site behind the Bradley Meadows shopping plaza will complement the vitality of the community, bringing more children to the school and more customers for local business owners.

The property taxes and sewer and water fees RUPCO will pay will add much needed revenue to the town and its taxing districts. The construction site will be less than 1/3 of the area of the 28 acre land parcel. The remainder of that parcel will remain forested and protected and will feature nature and interpretive trails available to everyone who lives in, works in or visits the site.

Marketing and Lease Up

RUPCO is now accepting applications from families who wish to live at Woodstock Commons. Apartments for seniors are full. The application can be downloaded from this website or picked up in person at RUPCO's office at 289 Fair St. in Kingston. We can also mail applications to anyone who calls 845-331-2140 and asks.

All applications are considered in the chronological order in which they are received so anyone who is even considering Woodstock Commons should complete an application.

On our website ( and Facebook pages, we will provide frequent updates on the progress.

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