Rural Ulster Preservation Company

Who We Are: Introduction

Rural Ulster Preservation Company (RUPCO) is a not-for-profit agency, established in 1981. We take a broad approach to housing and community development in Ulster County. RUPCO is led by a dedicated volunteer board of directors and advisory council. We operate five business lines to accomplish our mission:

Real Estate Development

Working with communities to achieve a healthy housing mix in Ulster County.

  • green building
  • community process approach
  • homeownership and rental
  • work force, family and senior housing

Property Management

Asset management approach to create and sustain communities of choice. We currently manage 321 units of housing.

Rental Assistance

Providing nearly 1600 affordable rental housing units in scattered, private sector rental units, throughout Ulster County for our most needy residents.

Emergency Assistance
Providing rent or mortgage arrears, utility payments to prevent eviction and foreclosures.

Community Development

Working with 20 towns, 3 villages, and 1 city, using an asset based community building approach to provide planning, revitalization, sustainability and smart growth.

NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Center

Education, support, grants, mortgages, whatever it takes!

HUD certified housing counseling agency providing foreclosure prevention, reverse mortgage equity, credit and other types of housing counseling.

Housing Rehab
Housing rehabilitation to preserve our aging housing stock and to increase accessibility.


For more than 30 years, RUPCO has taken a broad approach to the housing and community development in Ulster County. In that time we have established a track record of successful outcomes, created strong relationships within our community, and have grown our programs to meet the changing needs of Ulster County.

Reputation: The reputation of RUPCO has grown to a national level, as evidenced by the support of national funding organizations such as NeighborWorks® America (Neighborhood Reinvestment Program) and Rural LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation). In fact, we have received an exemplary rating from NeighborWorks®America, an achievement of which we are very proud.

Leadership: RUPCO is a leader in the field, setting trends as well as accommodating them. We often pilot new programs for the agencies who develop them, working out problems and kinks before they are introduced to other delivery organizations. This year, we were proud to pilot the Nursing Home Transition and Diversion Program and with our local partner, Resource Center for Accessible Living, we were the first agency in the state to actually accomplish placements in the program which has now been launched state-wide.

Successful Outcomes: RUPCO has achieved success through careful analysis of its projects, prudent use of resources, attentive management of its properties and operations, and adaptation of its programs to meet the needs of its clients. A dedicated staff, committed to mission, client service and teamwork, pays close attention to “best practices” in every aspect of the industry.

Breadth of Programs: RUPCO identifies and anticipates the changing needs of the county and its 24 municipalities. We adapt our programs, services, and available funding whenever possible to serve current needs and anticipate coming needs.

Partnership/Alliance Relationships: RUPCO has both pursued and been sought after for partnership and alliance relationships in developing creative solutions to existing problems for clients. NeighborWorks® America and Rural LISC are examples of such relationships. RUPCO also interacts with a network of services within the Ulster County community, such as Gateway Community Industries, Ulster–Greene ARC, and Mental Health Association of Ulster County, for clients who have needs beyond those of housing.

Experience: RUPCO’s staff of more than 30 people is experienced in working with people in need, and is certified and trained in those areas required.In addition, the organization maintains a strong longevity record amongst its staff, reflective of the compassion and diligence with which the staff members pursue their work. In-service training and professional development initiatives keep staff members up to date and highly motivated.

Central Location: RUPCO is located in the heart of Kingston, accessible to many individuals through public transportation. Staff members travel to outlying areas of the county as much as possible to work with clients and review cases. Board membership is also reflective of the geographic region served.

Financial Stability: RUPCO adheres to its policies for financial management based upon FASB guidelines, and carefully maintains a positive cash flow within its annual and capital budgets. Pursuit of new programs and projects follows a careful review of the project and operational costs involved.

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